Monday, October 30, 2006

Thanks everone for your congratulations and praise. Amynah and I are now looking for a new, larger apartment that can accomodate my increasingly big head.

The piece is not online yet, but should be soon. They did a hell of a job with it - it's front of the section, and my photo dominates the front page. Very cool, especially as I'm generally surprised when my photos manage "reasonable looking."

On the note of photos - does anyone ever click the links when I do this? I know I am often leery of clicking through links, but if people would rather I put my photos directly on this site (which I can do at some cost of size and resolution) I can. That shot, by the way, is me experimenting with my new tripod and long exposure. It's also the view out my apartment window, for those to whom I have not bragged about that already.

So now that's I've brought my reading public so much joy, I need to ask a favour: I need music. Before I left my previous employment at McGill I asked many of my colleagues, as a going away gift, to give me ten songs. My orginal plan was purely selfish - I don't listen to the radio, and knew I'd be spending a lot of time listening to my iPod. On the other hand, I've been introduced to a lot of great music and am generally rent by nostalgia ten times a day as various songs come on (who knew that William Shatner's dulcet tones could be so moving?)

So, from you, my loyal reading public, I am asking only for song names. What are you listening to right now? What's a song that makes you happy? What did you hear recently that made you bop your head, sing along, remember your first kiss, want to get in a fight, dance, be 17 again... anything. All I need are names (titles/artists) - I have the means to acquire them in a way that completely violates my views on copyright infringement. Give me one! Give me 20!

Email them or post them here and let others see them!


julie said...

I haven't been able to access the article online yet, but my mom bought the Saturday Globe and read your article and was most impressed. Seems you can do more than just eat erasers ... :)

As far as songs are concerned, I can get back to you with the 10 J-pop songs to be avoided at all costs (I don't actually know them; I don't listen to the radio either), but currently I have Culture Club ("Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?") stuck in my head, if that helps.

TWebb said...

There was no music in the package currently crawling across the globe to you. A note within addresses this absence. I am however constructing a playlist for secondary export.
I am currently listening to my iPod on shuffle mode. At present, it has a liking that I do not share for Neil Young's Time Fades Away album.
My recommendations remain utterly predictable: Bon Scott-era AC/DC, all of White Stripes and all of Danko Jones. Oh, and Todd Rundgren's "Bang on the Drum All Day". Really.

Shannon said...

I just took Black Sabbath's "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" out of my CD player, and put in AFI's "December Underground". Had the song "Miss Murder" stuck in my head all day.

Mark Reynolds said...

Thanks all! Shannon - what does AFI stand for? Any particular Sabbath songs?
Julie -you'd think Culture Club would be an easy one to find on the various illegal file-sharing sites, but I'm having a heck of a time. PArt of his coke-bust probation, perhaps?
TRavis - Bang on a Drum is fun. It speaks to me.