Friday, October 13, 2006

Oh, and in an effort to encourage participation on this thing, I'm going to steal an idea I've seen on other blogs (I have a wee-bit too much free time here) and post a challenge for the literarily inclined. It's called the "Six word story." The original was (unsurprisingly) Hemingway: "For sale: Baby shoes. Never used."

My effort is semi-biographical: Saw doctor, bought sling. Sold bike.

I know many of you are frightenly talented, if not notably terse. Give it a shot! I will judge all entries and dispense a prize of a real postcard, to be mailed using real French stamps!

For my former colleagues, if any are reading this, bonus points if you can work the word "excellence" in there somehow!


TWebb said...

The time was up. No horse.

TWebb said...

Baby shoes: for sale. Used once.

TWebb said...

I haven't gotten anywhere with this myself, but I'm gonna have to call bulshit on your own six-word story, Mark - it wears its brevity too openly. Those are easy: "Man ran. Shots rang. He died."
"Small wonder. Head wound. Lucky shot."
"Iron plate in head. Magnetic bullets."
"Further discussion not likely much help."
"Please lock up when you go."

Anonymous said...

MADMAN LOOSE. Hello? Anyone there? AAAAAHHHH!

Tasha - who is using Travis' computer

Anonymous said...

Gaagaa. I do. The light...

Okay, this one needs work. What exactly do you say as you die? And what else, besides marriage can symbolize middle age?


Tasha (again)

Mark Reynolds said...

Ooooh, I got one!
Challenge issued. Example given. Travis flames.

I like the horror movie one Tasha. Seasonal. Your husband's a grump though.