Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A minor cultural observation: In Canada, there are annual complaints that the stores start selling Christmas merchandise even before the trick-or-treaters have egged the last car of Hallowe'en. Well, in Germany Christmas displays start going up in September. Here in France, on the very first day of October the morning light revealed that all of the streetside ice cream vendors had been magically transformed into roast chestnut sellers, all in booths shaped like minature steam locomotives (I'd appreciate it if someone could explain the chestnut/locomotive link, by the way - the one on Phillips Square in Montreal had a similar set-up).
I have to head out to French class now, where my classmates and teacher all believe I'm some kind of paranormal expert, which better reflects my supernatural ability to mangle the French language than my actual interests.


Anonymous said...

We think the locomotive/chesnut thing is because chesnuts are roasted over hot coals, and coal is needed to run the trains. Back in the day workers would take some hot coals out of the trains boiler to roast their chestnuts on.

Shannon & Adam said...

Ok, that smart anonymous observation was made by Shannon & Adam. I guess I *should* sign my anonymous posts.