Friday, October 27, 2006

I've already sent out a fairly comprehensive email about this, but in case I missed anyone, there will be an article in tomorrow's Globe and Mail on Alsace, in which you can find out why I was tromping around a graveyard at sunset two nights ago taking pictures of this and an explanation of what the heck is going on here.

However, it won't explain how the Devil managed to turn Martin Luther's head into a bagpipe, as depicted here.

Nonetheless, it will be the travel section and probably accessible online.


TWebb said...

Congratulations Mark!
The piece was good. Does that guide throw himself into open graves for everyone he takes through there?

Mark Reynolds said...

He's a passionate man. I asked him for more spooky sites in Alsace, and he wrote me a seven page handwritten letter in French with a huge list of them. And though I told him I could read French, I probably should have specified that that only applies when the handwriting is legible.

Loren and Sheila said...

Hi! Congratulations , we enjoyed your article. We're up visiting Shannon and Adam.