Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Just got back from the orthopedic surgeon, who confirmed that my arm is no longer broken, but it's still weak. The break was small, but it was on the radial bone, near the elbow, making it both fairly debilitating and difficult to heal. I have to see him again, and get a new (third!) X-ray in three weeks. Technically I'm also supposed to keep wearing my sling, but since I can niether write, eat, brush my teeth or dress myself with it on, I tend to only put it on when going out, rather than spend my days naked, smelly and bored. In that way the sling is as useful as a big medical-surplus-warehouse necktie - I put it on, but it doesn't serve any discernible purpose other than make me uncomfortable. I sort of chalked it up to being the same sort of venal sin as saying "Yes Mr Dentist, of course I floss after every meal!"*
Of course, I didn't tell him that I've not really been wearing it as directed. Nor did I tell him that I went for a 40 km bike ride on Saturday which (temporarily) aggravated it.** I've already been called a stubborn ass by my Mom and my Mother-in-law, I don't need it from my doctor.
By the way, thanks to Shannon and Adam for the chestnut explanation (comments, last post). Coming from them, I'm not sure if it is inspired conjecture on their part or known fact. I'll go for known fact: as an engineer, Shannon knows all about trains (whaddya mean you're not that kind of engineer?)

* As I'm posting this on the great big Internet, I will rush to confirm that yes, I do floss after every meal, snack, meaty conversation and issue of Reader's Digest. In fact, dental floss is a bigger portion of my domestic budget than electricty and phone - I use roughly half my body weight of the stuff a month. You know it's true, because it's on the web!
** More on that to come.


Anonymous said...

Do you not floss at all? I came around to the wonder of the stuff only a couple of years ago. Yes, dental floss. Hmm.
Look, I know you check every five minutes for comments - I'm just trying to help.

TWebb said...

Dammit, I gave it a name! Let's try this.

julie said...

I'm still stuck on the "broken arm" bit and haven't had a chance to wrap my head around any pros or cons of flossing. Am I the only one surprised at the presence of an orthopedic surgeon in your life???