Friday, June 12, 2009

Lazy post

Too busy to write a proper post - we saw off one pair of guests this morning, and will be receiving another pair in about 45 minutes. The ones just departed were a delight: I've given my city-tour many, many times now, and I must say that there are not many people capable of making my umpteenth repetition of my various anecdotes fresh to me, simply by taking such enjoyment in listening. Here's hoping the next crew are as energizing (not to mention forgiving: I have to lock them in the guest bedroom as soon as they arrive so that I may do a phone interview). Fun!

In any case, here's some clever graffiti - after all, if you're going to vandalize, you might as well show some creativity, says I. The one above is from a massive mural in Marseilles, the one below a modified parking meter in the market town of Arles. For the uninitiated, "pute" is not at all a compliment in French.


Travis said...

I feel like I should post a comment just because this blog, in its current endearing form, will shortly cease to exist.

So there you go, a comment.

Hey, my word verification is "aphole"! That's free entertainment, that is.

Anonymous said...

hopefully Mark, I have your blog for taking some fresh-air during the day!
But here, you seems very exhausted - but I enjoyed anyway :))