Monday, June 22, 2009

Das Internationale

The tour continues:

I always take people by this school, not because I have anything intelligent to say about it, but because it looks pretty, what with the fairy-tale castle architecture. It was built as a school for girls in the 1880s during the Prussian occupation of Alsace. Today it's an "international" school, where the children of diplomats, foreign businessmen, and kids with dual citizenships get educated. According a former pupil I know, I am not alone in finding the hyper-fashionable students that hang around outside intimidatingly sophisticated: it has a reputation for being, as the French put it, "Un peu snob."


Natalie Joan said...

Well if the French find it une peu snob I'm impressed. Like high school isn't bad enough.

Anonymous said...

Naah! Isn't snob, Michael and Nicky went there and they've never looked sophisticated.