Tuesday, June 16, 2009

We'll meet in Strasbourg

Map of medieval Strasbourg, from the Archives De Strasbourg

I only have forty-five more days left in France. In the three years we have lived here, we have entertained fifty (50!) visitors, with more to come. I have given my full city tour almost thirty times, and another dozen partial ones. Almost none of it has ended up here on the View of the Marching Fishes, because I didn’t want to spoil the sights and stories for my readers who might eventually end up visiting.

The last of that small population of reader/guests has departed (Goodbye Julie ! Adieu, Randal) and now I will start clearing the decks, so to speak, so that you may all experience the Strasbourg tour, if only virtually. The benefits are that your feet will undoubtedly be better rested, but you’ll miss the comic value of my waving arms adding pathos to my garbled French as I try to communicate with the locals.

Predictably, the first picture I took in Strasbourg was of the Cathedral, during the annual summer light show. Fortunately, my photography's improved a great deal since then.

For those of you who have endured the real thing, I apologize for the repetition, but there will certainly be things that I post in the next month or so that will be new to you all. Also, I hope the photos and blathering bring back some fond memories of your stays here. So, feel free to comment as I work through my nostalgia and sadness that I have to leave this wonderful place.

I am pretty sure I have far, far, more than forty-five things to write about, so posting here should increase dramatically in the next month – possibly even multiple times a day, if I can manage it amongst our preparations to leave and my attempts to earn my living through paid writing. So, stop by often, wallow with me.


Angela in Europe said...

I've always regretted not making a trip to Strasbourg. Perhaps, I'll read all your posts and make my way there this summer. I really do (and have) want to see it before I leave France.

Mark Reynolds said...

Hey, with the TGV, you can arrive in the morning and be back in Paris for bedtime.