Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The walls have eyes

Girl on a turtle - fountain near Place Austerlitz. I think it's illustrating a Hans Christian Anderson story. I don't remember which, but I'd put a Euro or two on it being about a girl. And a turtle.

Looking at the Canadian news, I can't help but see headline's promising snow for the Atlantic provinces, low temperatures in the sub-zero range, and general unpleasantness - in mid April! In sympathy, I will therefore spare my snow-maddened Canadian readers any account of our day yesterday, which was spent nibbling on a selection of European cheeses, cold Japanese green teas, and apple tarts, shading ourselves from the robust sun (23 degrees!) on our balcony, nor will I torture you all with any description of the tarte flambée and microbrewery beer enjoyed on a sidewalk terrace shortly thereafter.

Awww... did I do that again? So sorry.

I will not speak of the magnolia and cherry blossoms perfuming the spring air, nor of the vase of fresh tulips now occupying pride of place on our dining room table. These things would be cruel - not to mention, I find it hard to type when I've suntan lotion greasing up my fingers.

Instead, I'll just post some pictures I took while wandering around my neighbourhood this morning. I tried to keep images of Strasbourg's exuberant vegetation to a minimum because hey, to do otherwise would be cruel, wouldn't it?

Graffiti in France trends towards pseudo-gang tags and political slogans. This is a nice exception, on Quai Finkwiller

Another clever graffiti, taking advantage of some gouges in a wall on Rue Dentelles

This is in the square directly in front of our apartment, one of three angels keeping an eye on the parking lot there


Kirsten said...

Lovely blossoms perfuming the air?? Yuck. I much prefer Montreal's perfume of defrosted garbage and you know what else, after the snow has melted.

Mark Reynolds said...

Ah, the Montreal "bouquet" - I do miss it so.

Maeve said...

Good thing we saw cherry blossoms in Paris, or I'd have to kill you.