Monday, July 21, 2008

The wurst weekend ever

Now that's what I call Art! A fountain in the village of Nordrach.

There are few better ways to spend a weekend than tramping over a large portion of Germany’s Black Forest, grazing on wildberries, sleeping in remote-yet-so-very-picturesque mountain inns and having the sense that you’re breathing air that has never been breathed before.

Hiking through hilltop farms.

The period beginning the instant a bratwurst thumped onto my plate Friday afternoon, ending the moment the last morsel of boiled bauernwurst slipped down my gullet Sunday afternoon was easily the most pork-intensive of my life. Who knew the world held such a delightful variety of sausages?

In any case, the group of us (including my former French teacher, her husband and their two friends from England) hiked some 60-odd kilometers this weekend, unencumbered with a decent map or a sense of direction (it would have been only 40 km if we'd had either). However, the weather was perfect, the food plentiful, the scenery ildyllic and the two hotel/inns so comfortable that leaving them each morning caused physical pangs of regret.

The Waldpension Moosbach where we stayed on the second night. Run by a local couple, they only receive groups by special reservation. It was very hard to leave this place and commence our wanderings again, not least because my new boots were possessed, and were trying to chew my legs off at the ankles.


Victor Chisholm said...

I was concerned. This sounded entirely too bucolic for you. Where was the near brush with fate? Therefore it pleased my inner Schadenfreudigkeit when you wrote: "my new boots were possessed, and were trying to chew my legs off at the ankles."

Mark Reynolds said...

I'm trying to remember: we're friends right? You like me and everything? It's just hard to tell sometimes.

Speaking of disasters, what was that you mentioned on Facebook about a train crash?

Victor Chisholm said...

I would still like you even if for some reason you had to stop writing hilarious posts about your near brushes with death, hypothermia, etc.

Yes, I was a passenger in a train that crashed. I haven't posted it on my blog yet, but you can now enjoy my pictures if you like.