Monday, July 07, 2008

Skeletons from the family closet

Grandpa Tom "TJ" Reynolds, aged 23 or thereabouts, from 1924.

The Globe and Mail has finally got around to publishing
an essay of mine I had initially written for Father's Day, on a bit of Reynolds family history my Dad an I uncovered just prior to my move to France.

I will thank those parties in the know to refrain from pointing out that my grandfather's sartorial proclivities appear to have been passed down through the generations.


Carol said...

Hi, Mark!
I saw the piece in the Globe this morning. Great job! I hope your dad enjoys it.

Anonymous said...

Wow. The ears. The forehead. The dress-wearing. The parallels are downright spooky.

Terrific piece.


Jessica said...

Hi - my mother in law emailed me today telling to read the facts & Arguments in the G & M because there was another Canadian who is living in Strasbourg and he published something in the paper! We are also Canadians (family of 4) and have been here since last fall. I just googled you and got your blog - makes great reading! Will have to refer to it for some local tips!

Travis said...

That was a great piece.

Mark Reynolds said...

Thank you all for your kind words. It was the first time I'd published something of that nature, and I was very nervous as to how it would come across.

Jessica: Belated welcome to Strasbourg! For the most part, I make a point of not posting too much about the city proper, because I like to save it for people who visit. I'm happy to share with you though: I have a super-secret location off the beaten track that even some locals have never been to, historical, but kids seem to enjoy it too. Drop me a line and I'll tell you about it: I'm markreynolds3 AT mac dot com

Sean said...

Hi Mark,

A message from a long lost cousin.

Your article in the Globe was very well written. This evaluation might be biased because of the subject, but we all enjoyed the suspense and humour that connected the homage to your father and to Grandpa! Excellent work!

Sean Reynolds,
Kingston, Ontario

Mark Reynolds said...

Hi Sean! I'm glad you saw and liked the piece - it was a little strange writing about family like that. Hope you're all doing well in Kingston!

julie said...


Awesome article.

And, uh, yeah ... your secret is "safe" with me ... though I do have photos kicking around somewhere ... ;)

Victor said...

Loved the article, Mark. I bet Sami the Finn was also pleased to see that your forebears had indulged in countryside escapades (Algonquin canoe camping being just like Strasbourg mountaineering, right?)

Susan said...

Hey! I recognize that stare -- it's the one you used to give me when I was editing you -- the "I hope you drop dead" stare. So it was just genetic, not a true death wish.... aww...