Saturday, November 18, 2006

Jon's last full day in town, and we're heading out to Baden-Baden before having dinner with our friends Julie and Sebastien.

Rented a car the other day, so as to see the surrounding region. Somehow, Jon and I, in search of a castle we saw near Ribeauvillé, managed to climb the completely wrong mountain while trying to reach it. Very clever defences those French had - poor trail marking was probably the cause of far more military defeats than conventional history would suggest.

Also went to a town called St Marie aux Mines, because in the midst of all the castles, Medieval villages, mountains and other things that normal tourists want to see, Jon was struck by an overwhelming desire to visit a 500 year old hole in the ground.

We had lunch in town before seeing the local museum (rocks, textiles and mining). The waitress, honouring our request to speak to us like we were retarded toddlers, explained the special of the day, which included something called "Bich." We asked what that was "C'est comme La Bambi," was the reply.

This led me to two conclusions: Globalization ain't all bad, if it can make communication so easy. Also, only in France would one evoke Bambi while encouraging someone to eat deer. It was delicious, by the way, though I was disapointed that they didn't offer an appetizer of Thumper.

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blueVicar said...

This all sounds, tasty, friendly, global...but what I want to know is...Did you have/see/hear/smell any Beaujolais? ; )

Hope you are enjoying your friend's visit!

Meilleurs vœux!