Friday, November 24, 2006

Hi all.
Just got my first porn-bot posting in my comments, and thus have enabled "word" verification that forces you to prove that you're a sentient being before posting here. THe posting (which I haven't found yet) was reduntantly advertising "Lolita and teen Lolita models." Assuming that the models aren't actually named Lolita, isn't it kind of assumed that they're teens?

Not much else to write sadly - so I'll just post a link to yet another pretty picture. That one is a bit of public art in Ste Marie aux Mines where Jon and I visited a five hundred year old silver mine. I like how this shot came out - it looks almost photoshopped, everything is so crisp (it isn't, trust me).

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JonnyV said...

Today, I write before you and testify that the shoot was a natural - no post production necessary. Our man Mark is a natural with the camera. Really, I can't understand why as he hasn't even read the instruction manual which can be obvious at times.