Monday, February 16, 2009

Well, if this writing for free on the internet thing doesn't work out...

I don’t often link to my professional writing here on View of the Marching Fishes, though whether that is from modesty or shame I cannot say. However, a lot of the work I do is un-credited ghost writing or press materials, and I do tire of the blank looks I get when I tell people I’m a freelance writer – not quite a journalist, not quite a communications person.

In any case, a few recent articles I did for my former employer are now online, giving me the opportunity to point to an example of how I spend my days. Better yet, one is in French, so those few local readers I have can enjoy my brilliant prose in their own language. Not to mention, if these nutcases are going to pay me, it’s the least I can do to send some eyeballs their way.

The first was printed in Headway, McGill’s research magazine of which I once had charge. It has improved greatly since those dark days, a state of affairs for which I am happy to take full credit, as I helped convince the current editor to take over.

The second article is actually just the first article en Français in McGill’s alumni magazine, whose editor evidently feels my prose could only improve in translation.

On the topic of alumni magazines, St Francis Xavier University’s magazine reprinted the piece I wrote for the Globe and Mail on my father and grandfather a while back: you have to download the whole magazine as a PDF to get to my article (it's not a huge file).

(I’m also usually in the CNRS International magazine linked on the right there, but half the time my articles are on particle physics, so I’ve no idea if they’re intelligible. That my editor there keeps assigning me pieces on this topic is either a mark of confidence, or a sign that, unlike me, all her other writers have the sense to stick to those areas they actually understand. Other than that, it’s a great general science publication).


Danielle said...

Hello Mark,

Where exactly do I find the article about your father and grand-father?

Mark Reynolds said...

There's a link there to download the magazine. For some reason, they didn't include my byline, which I think may be cosmic justice for me somehow forgetting to mention my Dad's name (it isn't "Dad Reynolds").