Monday, February 02, 2009

Greatest. Statue. Ever.

Madame Josephine Peur-Soleil de Grand Chapeau. The hat was so the dog could get some shade as well

Yesterday, Amynah and I decided to pop our heads into the three-part museum located in the Palais Rohan. We’d somehow managed to avoid it during the two years we’ve been living here, but as the first Sunday of every month is free, and I was getting a little cabin-feverish, we took the plunge. And I am glad we did, for we saw what must rank as the greatest masterwork of art ever created.

Nope, the masterpiece was not this ceramic boar's head serving-dish complete with detailed, glistening viscera. Yes, that's a bit of its spine there in the center. Bonne appetit!

At first, the museum seemed unlikely to blow my mind as thoroughly as it did. There were the usual assortment of broken pottery and spear tips in the archeological section, and while the Arts Decoratif section held some interesting (and freaky) items, there were entire rooms of Virgins and Crucifixes that didn’t strike me as being notable improvements on the theme.

Is it just me, or is Mary rolling her eyes at the crying and the weeping and the wah-wah-wah?

It was in the Beaux Arts section where I had my encounter with genius. There was a table of small sculptures on a table, unremarkable except that they were almost all of animals, usually in the process of eating one another. Set in amongst these was the jewel of the museum’s collection.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you “Rodeo Gorilla.”

Yes, this is a sculpture of a Great Ape riding an angry bull. It is, without a doubt, the greatest work of art ever created by the hand of man. Better even than Van Gogh's "Dragon on a Motorcycle."


JC Martin and the etcetera said...

Is that gorilla "riding" in a professional or biblical manner?

Mark Reynolds said...

No reason it couldn't be both!