Thursday, December 18, 2008

Vanity, thy name is Fish Marcher

Thanks to everyone who posted on the previous entry - it's very gratifying to know that people enjoyed my account. I was very fortunate to have been able to attend the event, and am glad that I could share my experience.

I do hate to follow up the last post with something so utterly facile, but I did promise readers a peak at my facial hair's progress, once it had reached the not-embarrassing stage (though, on reflection, no one specifically asked to be exposed to such horrors). In her ongoing campaign to rid my of my whiskers, Amynah has progressed from Three Musketeers references to pointing out, that they make me look "Old" and "Haggard" - but in a bad way. For those of you who wonder what Amynah's eyes have to endure every day, here I am in all my hirsute glory.

Good lord, it looks like I don't have any arms in this photo! What the heck am I typing with?

And for comparison purposes, here I am earlier this year, in more innocent times.

I myself am undecided - I think I look a little like evil Spock, but am not entirely convinced that is a bad thing. Feel free to share your opinions.


Victor Chisholm said...

The new facial hair arrangement is just screaming for a beret. Oh wait, you got one as a gift!

Travis said...

holy sweet suffering jesus

...okay, I kinda like the 'stache.

Daniel said...

Evil Spock? I'd say so. You even have the facial expression of coldly rational Vulcan disdain down pat.

julie said...

I second the beret. And a black armless turtleneck :)

headbang8 said...

Keep it. It's masculine and sexy.