Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Mary, Mary, Why dost thou buggeth?

These are just a bunch of candles. Do I need a reason for everything I do here?

One of the many features of Christmas in Strasbourg is the annual return of the 18th century tapestries. The 14 draperies show the story of the Epiphany, and used to hang year round. Today, they are only displayed for the month of December. You can see why – the ones exposed to the sun are noticeably faded, while the other half are still quite vibrant, even after 250 years.

Taking pictures in a dark church poses a bit of a challenge with my camera; relative to modern devices, it’s a primitive beast that may well have crawled out of the Paleolithic ooze. The dim image here was the only one that came close to capturing the colour on display.

Get your hand away from the vicinity of the Sacred Bellybutton!

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