Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Everybody loves a parade!

This was the international students' group. That they had the most colourful costumes is pretty evident from the photo. That they had extremely well coordinated dance moves is not something I was able to capture, unfortunately.

For reasons unknown to me, Strasbourg has its Carnaval after Easter. Last year it was cancelled because of high winds, presumably the organizers were worried about blinding blizzards of confetti. This year, it happened on schedule, and thus Amynah and I were treated to a bird's eye view of the festivities.

When this guy, and his lady friend showed up, all I could think of was the Borat movie. Not, I think, what they were trying to convey, but who knows.

"He who respects the law and enjoys sausage should not watch either being made. Yes, those are giant paper maché sneakers jutting out of the faux meat grinder. They don't treat their retired athletes well here in France.

Sarkozy and his new wife. This shot didn't capture this, but someone had lovingly sculpted Bruni's butt cleavage on the other side. Classy.

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julie said...

France rocks. Great pics.