Wednesday, January 16, 2008

How to fix a French toilet, in twelve easy steps

1) Note toilet is leaking. Ignore for two months.

2) Decide to replace stopper, go to grocery store (for where else would one go for one’s plumbing needs?)

3) Catch tram.

4) Realize you’ve caught the wrong tram.

5) Disembark, run 1 km to catch correct tram.

6) Discover the store does not sell the proper mechanism.

7) Purchase the wrong one anyway, in the hopes of being able to adapt it.

8) Return home, discover it can’t be adapted.

9) Remove rubber stopper from new mechanism, replace old one.

10) Discover that with the new stopper, the drip is now a torrent.

11) Return old stopper to old mechanism, reassemble toilet, vow to call a plumber.

12) Discover that toilet, possibly out of irritation, has stopped dripping of its own accord.

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