Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Movie Madness

In response to Travis's comment below, I will try to achieve some semblance of balance in my visitor reports by saying some really nice things about Zack (who I already referred to as reasonably attractive, which is a pretty nice thing for one straight dude to call another).

In addition to being reasonably attractive, Zack is also very talented at graphic design and its related arts. Combine that with a shiny red rally car discovered in one of Kaysersberg's back alleys and Zack's offbeat sense of humour and you get this poster.

An unrelated side note, but Zack's visit also threw the deficiencies of my tour into sharp relief, further accentuated by Daniel and co. Namely, everyone that comes here has an annoying habit of having their own interests and fields of expertise, which do not necessarily coincide with my knowledge base.

For instance, when Anna's friend Daniel insisted on asking about the local trees I wrote it off as a odd little quirk I needn't be concerned with in the long term. Zack, on the other hand, seemed only mildly interested in my Cathedral tour and the living postcard that is Petit France but was thrilled at some 1980s-era apartment blocks and office towers, as they feed into his theories of urban development. When my latest guests left me blank faced and grasping with even more botanical questions I realized I either need to develop a green thumb, stat, or insist future visitors sign a waiver that would protect my ego by obliging them to refrain from asking me questions to which I don't know the answers.

In any case, to shamelessly abuse Travis' gift to my vocabulary, (while subtley praising his awesome word-power) here is another motivation for potential visitors: sincere enconiums to your many graces posted online for the world to see!


Travis said...

I look forward to a detailed lecture on district variations in microbial flora and its relationship to local policies regarding prostitution.

Mark Reynolds said...

Oddly, I may be able to do something approaching that. Assuming you mean during the 1500s.