Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I don't know why I feel compelled to do this

No one has yet, in my long months of writing this thing, ever said "Geez Mark, you haven't updated for an entire week. What happened? It hurts us so when we are left without the benefit of your wise and witty words. Hours of our day are spent hitting our browser's refresh button, like a rat hitting it's feeder bar in one of Amynah's morphine experiments."

Despite never receiving such emails (would it kill even one of you to fake it, maybe?) I feel compelled to let you know that I won't be updating here until next week, as Amynah and I are off to Paris, followed by a tour of the chateaux of the Loire and their famed gardens which should be beginning to bloom nicely right about now.*

In the interim, I leave you this photo of the stained glass of the Cathedral.

*right, that's why I do it. For the chance to write intolerably smug sentences like that.


Tasha said...

Your pictures have been really nice lately. Not that they weren't before, but I was struck by the cathedral shot.

julie said...

Augh! It's Friday night and I'm sitting at home, bored (isn't that what Friday nights are for?), and I clicked on my link to your blog to see what witty things you might have had to say today, because you so often do, and I forgot that I'd already read this post and you're not around till sometime next week and I don't quite know how I will survive!!!

Travis said...

Do you really want people to complain that you're not giving them free entertainment often enough? In my experience that's the first step to autoblogicide.