Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Just got back from Merrie Olde Englande (where they're evidently still suffering from a glut of silent "E's"). Had an excellent time, met many members of Amynah's extended family, all of whom were warm, generous and funny. Also met Maarten, the newest member of Todd's family. He has his Mother's hair, as far as I can tell, and his father's slow way of speaking - "Wah!" (long pause...) "Wah!" (furrowed brow, as he ponders what to say next) "Wah!"

I will write a more full account of those adventures and the Strasbourgian Christmas we're in the midst of soon, but first a final bit of self-promotion: the Globe printed my article on Grasse, on Saturday, along with two photos that don't appear to be online.

That it was a Rocky-themed article that bumped me off the front is a perverse honour. Amynah's gearing me up to get back on the front page. She keeps yelling at me - "Eye of the tiger! Eye of the Tiger," and whacking me with a side of beef. I suspect she might be mixing up some of the details.


Anonymous said...

Me again. I liked your article, but I want to know if you did a Rebecca Eckler. Did you really step in dog poo or was that just for effect? Or, more interestingly, did you step in poo on purpose just so that you could put it in your story while not lying? On a positive side, you did not list off all your friends who have stepped in nasty things.


Mark Reynolds said...

I'm afraid I really stepped in dog poo - I am also fairly certain I forgot to put on deoderant that day, probably a result of the distraction of having to clean off my shoe. Neither was done on purpose.
When it's under my byline, you can believe it's true, or my name's not Marc Renauld.