Friday, December 08, 2006

I just finished my piece on Grasse (which, if the magic beans I purchased worked, should be manifest on the screeens of your thinking machines). I have been told that it will be out next weekend. I was also told that it's part of a Christmas movies special, which could cause problems as I barely mention the movie (Perfume) which, loyal readers will recall, I hated. The book was great however (as is my article) so pick up the Globe next week. I'll do my best to post a link here and send out a great big self-congratulatory email as the time draws near, if I can.

It might be difficult, as I'm not sure how much posting I'll be able to do in the next few day, since Amynah and I will be in London. I've never been, and am looking forward to being able to understand the language. Though my joyful singing of the Clash as the day gets nearer means I might be mistaken on that last point: "London calling! Drew Barrymore frowns! Two squared is four! Batman eats clowns!... and aaaaaaaaargh... I ripped out my liver!"

Those guys must have been awesome live.

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TWebb said...

My favourite lyric in London Calling is, "The Wheat Thins growing thin."