Friday, September 11, 2009

Home tour

From the Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy, week 25-28: "You will be busy buying final supplies, finishing your baby's room...." Here you go baby. The finest empty boxes and plastic bags money can buy.

We're home, and I have Internet! Life is grand. Now that we have sufficient furniture to sleep, eat and read, I present you with our life so far.

Our bedroom.

We live in an area called Westwood, which is very close to UCLA - close enough that Amynah can walk. We're very (by local standards) close to Santa Monica, and the Pacific, though we haven't yet visited. Being this close to the ocean means its a little cooler here than other parts of the city, and we're nowhere near the wildfires.

The main floor, kitchen, dining area and parlour area

Our immediate neighbourhood is pretty well appointed: all the major amenities are here. There's even a bagel shop, and a French bakery (staffed by une vrai fran├žaise. Neither matches up to Fairmount/Christian standards, but I'll take what little bits of home I can.

I will write more later, but now I desperately need to catch up on the work that somehow slid over the previous month's epic journey.


julie said...

Your new place looks (and sounds) really great! Take lots of pictures as you settle in and get more set up (especially of the baby's room!) - it's so fun to look later at "before" and "after" photos.

Oh, and happy birthday!

Sadaf said...

yes, your place looks great and sounds like a great location! can't wait to see / hear / read more!

Travis said...

That...that apartment is huge.


Shannon said...

Very nice!!

Flights from Washington to LA are pretty cheap...maybe we'll see you in the spring?

David Beeson said...
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David Beeson said...

Looks and sounds great - congratulations! Though the idea of your eating furniture is frightening.