Wednesday, May 20, 2009

More hamsters

They didn't want me to write about Obabma's visit to Strasbourg, but for some reason if I pitch
Giant Hamsters the Globe and Mail is all over it. Then again, who can blame them - look at the adorable little guy!

Photo copyright Michel VIEUJEAN-AVES, courtesy Alsace Nature


carol said...

The article was on page two of the Globe this morning. Nice work! No mention of cabbage, though... What did you find out about that?

David Beeson said...

Great article!

I don't understand your surprise at being listened to on the giant hamster and not on Barack Obama. After all, there's only one giant hamster.

Mark Reynolds said...

Thanks to you both!
Carol - they eat cabbage. The problem is that there's no longer grain around when they need it - just when they're out of hibernation. Most of the early-season crops have fallen away in favour of corn, and cabbage isn't around until September/October.

David: Maybe if I could have convinced Obama to dress in some sort of fuzzy costume...