Thursday, November 13, 2008

If you think you see a point to this, you are mistaken

Hey folks. Sorry I’ve been incommunicado, but I have been somewhat overwhelmed the last couple of weeks. Fortunately, the wave has now crested, and I am now back to my normal state of idle lethargy (or at least focus on those projects that are not as deadline-driven).

In any case, I'm going to take this blog in a brave new direction: rather than hiking misadventures and odd-ball history, I'm bringing you, my lucky readers, something never before seen on the Internet: a little something I'm going to call "Inane, self-absorbed ramblings."

Just in case anyone was wondering exactly how I earn my keep around here, over the last couple of weeks, I have written, among other things, articles on Canada’s culpability in one the worst ethnic massacres of the 20th century, particle physics, two entirely different human genetics discoveries, and a pan-European linguistics archive. Woven throughout, I compiled 65 speaker’s biographies for an upcoming conference in Stockholm. Yeah, I’m a hero.

Sadly, because I’ve been so busy, Amynah and I have not had much time to hang out. And now that my schedule’s normalized, she’s gone: for the next ten days, she’s at a conference and visiting friends in the United States of Obama.

Now, I have spent time apart from Amynah before, but it’s a little different this time. First of all, this apartment is too big for two people. For one person, it’s positively agoraphobia-inducing.

Second, while I have plenty of reading to catch up on, I will not be able to watch TV I’ve “found” on the Internet, or go to the movies: we have so little options for either, I want to be able to savour them with her. Nor am I a big one for watching re-runs: while I’ve come to love watching TV on DVD, I have yet to re-watch TV programmes I’ve already seen.*

I can and will go out with friends here, but because almost everyone I’ve met here I’ve met as the less articulate half of a “Married Couple” (with all the perceived stodginess implied therein) socializing not as natural for me as it was in Canada; no one here just “pops over” for pizza and a game of pool.**

Speaking of movies, here’s a question for the peanut gallery: do any of you go to movie theatres on your own? I don’t think I’ve ever watched a movie on the big screen by myself. I realize there’s no reason not to, but for some reason, I consider sitting silently in the dark eyes fixed on a screen to be an experience best shared. Anybody who can help me break through this irrational block will be treated to… I don’t know, a paean to your wonderfulness here on Strasmark.

* The notable exception being Flight of the Conchords, which Amynah and I will occasionally re-watch, but only the song portions.

** Do people play pool anymore, or was that strictly a ‘90s Halifax fad?


Natalie Joan said...

I have gone to the theatre alone, and actually recommend it. Perhaps not for a romantic comedy, which just looks sad, but who wants to watch a romantic comedy anyway?

belsohni said...

I've never gone to see a movie solo either, but I guess it's like going to a restaurant alone in some ways. You may not get the social interaction you get with a companion but you can get more absorbed in the experience of the food.

J. Anonymous Martin & the Country Gents said...

With the advent of pornography on video and DVD, going to movie theatres alone no longer carries the social stigma it once bore. Perhaps I have dated myself: Or said too much...

Victor Chisholm said...

I'll concede that many (ahem) activities are better, or safer, or more easily motivated to be done, with one or more other people.

I sometimes but rarely go to the movies alone but that's just because I rarely go to the movies (period). There's something about the cheap bastard in me and paying money to watch crap. I mean really, they ought to be paying me to watch this, right?

But be it a movie, a museum, a concert, or a restaurant, of course I'll go alone. My own company is just fine.

Judy Reid said...

Hey Mark!

Going to the movies alone is actually one of my favourite things to do. Seriously. If I stumble upon a truly hilarious film I'll drag friends along with me to catch it a second time. I do love laughing with friends, but going to the movies alone has always been a treat for me.

The only time I ever found it awkward was when I returned to my (small) hometown and recognized a few people in the audience. I just smiled and waved and kept eating my popcorn.