Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Started to rant. Stopped myself.

It would seem fewer Canadians read the same news as I than I had believed.

Then again, maybe they do.


Travis said...

In the absence of a rant from you:

I think a reasonable case can be made for the limited application of the death penalty within and ONLY within the population of elected officials.

Actually, I think the "eyes, knees, genitals" approach would probably be more convincing in the long run.

Couldn't we at least try it? What's the worst that could happen - having to step over a horribly maimed former (corrupt) politician on your way into the beer store?

Victor Chisholm said...

Mark: "Started to rant. Stopped myself." Why stop? Ranting is one of your best traits.

Travis: I have an idea. I can think of no one better than you to help refine the actual parameters. I must qualify this as thought-experiment lest someone take this too seriously. Anyway: every time an election is called, maybe one of the newly-elected MPs should be offered as a sacrifice at the opening of the new Parliament, said candidate to be chosen by lottery. It could even end up being the PM. I am thinking of the utter uselessness of spending $300M on this last election. Surely that $300M could have been better spent, and it could surely have saved more than one life had it been spent on health-care or something. There ought to be a cost to the politicians for such profligate frivolity.