Tuesday, August 05, 2008

View of the Spitting Mule?

St Thomas, Strasbourg's other Cathedral, as seen from Place des Moulins, in front of our building. The big red building in front of it is an elementary school.

I don't think I ever bothered explaining the name of this blog. It's taken from my (former) street's name: Vieux marché aux poissons, which I jokingly mangled into View of the marching fishes. It was apt - from vantage of the fifth floor, the masses of garishly clad tourists that would make their way up my street resembled nothing less than tropical fish, nibbling on colourful shoals of postcard racks and souvenirs.

The Spitting Mule, as seen from the smaller of our two patios

Now that I am no longer resident on Old Fishmarket Street, I feel I need to rename the blog title. Our new place is on "Place des moulins," with the Spitz Muhl canal directly behind us (I believe that translates to "hospital mill" from Alsatian, but I'll have to let those readers more familiar with Germannic languages than I to confirm my interpretation). I'm inclined to keep the name the same, not that I think I've exactly built brand recognition with it or anything, but if anyone has better suggestions I'm open to them.

The larger of our two patios.


julie said...

View of the Spitting Mule doesn't have the same ring to it. My vote is for keeping the fish right on marching. Then again, I am partial to fish.

Jul said...

So when is the house warming party?

Mark Reynolds said...

September, I suspect. Any chance you could make it?

Anonymous said...

Keep the fish. Swanky crib!