Sunday, May 04, 2008

To be fair, they also call it the stone gate

Went for another hike this weekend, this time to a mountaintop rock formation known as “The Devil’s Gate.” With this, and the Devil’s Rock we visited a couple of months ago, I am left wondering why the otherwise pious people of Alsace are so eager to attribute the more interesting geological formations in their part of Creation to his Satanic Majesty.

I also do not know what to make of this statue, which marked the beginning of our hike. Is it, perhaps, the Devil’s Zipper? Making the forest behind it the Devil’s Boxers? The mind boggles.


Victor said...

Looks like a nice hike... but where are Sami the Finn's endurance exploits? No hypothermia? Not even a blister?

Mark Reynolds said...

Sami the Finn wasn't there this time: this was a hike a la Français, complete with tartes and steaming coffee. We did end up having to scale a series of fallen trees, as the guy with the map refused to believe that the detour sign meant that we had to take a detour (I was not, for once, the guy with the map).