Tuesday, October 30, 2007

First day and already hated by my classmates

So, French classes started yesterday. As part of a getting-to-know us exercise, my French teacher asked the motley crew that is my cohort about our travel experiences. For some reason, rather than asking me where I'd been, she asked me for a bad travel experience. I replied that I don't believe in bad experiences, just good stories. I then launched - in French - into this sorry tale.

My saga of suffering and woe was so well received, that she made it a homework assignment for everyone in the class to tell their own travel story for the next class. This includes me, despite my heroic efforts yesterday. Any readers have any favourites?


Craig Martin said...

"But Mark," he said, "they are all good stories."
(However, you filling up the Hetz rental car with diesel is kind of funny. For other pople, I mean.)

Travis said...

At one point I thought to myself, "You know, you should really create a database of Mark's stories, and make sure to include rankings. Just in case he ever asks what your favourite was." I never expected that bit of procrastination to come back and bite me on the ass.
Nonetheless: your train escapades in Belgium...or somewhere...where you got on the wrong train, or went to the wrong hotel, or screwed something up...that was pretty funny. I may be misremembering it, though.

Travis said...

Okay, I was thinking of the one you actually linked to. (Who checks links these days?) I sure didn't remember much of it, I guess, despite it being my favourite.

Maeve said...

My real question is - why in l'Enfer are you only taking a french class *now*...
Or did I miss some posts on previous classes?

Mark Reynolds said...

Hey Travis - I rarely read links either, don't feel bad. And I had a bad travel experience in Brussels too, which also would have made a good story.

Maeve - I've mentioned my teacher before, but not classes - I've been taking them pretty much since I arrived, to no noticable effect. This class was "first" in the sense of the semester.