Monday, September 24, 2007


Photo courtesy my French teacher. I believe she took the photo in order to stick it to all of us who didn't go out picking with her this Sunday. Gotta love the French.

My younger sister and her fiancé are coming in to town tonight; we have many long bike rides and a trip to Rome planned with them, so posting will be light (not that anyone seems to care).

In any case, right now I need to get the apartment looking welcomingly slovenly (up from sty-like) for them, and then Amynah and I are going to enjoy a dinner of fresh mushrooms, (pictured here), as picked by my French teacher this very weekend. I will thus spare you the harrowing tale of how we spent this weekend helping people move to Lipsheim and the 77-km bike ride we took on the previous weekend because, frankly, I'm sure you people are sick of reading about my suffering.

Also, I leave you with thd video below, because it's hard not to smile after watching it. Further proof that l care about you, dear readers, even though you never call. Are you sleeping enough? Are you eating well? I worry....


Shannon said...

Mark - you've got it all wrong. I read your posts TO hear about your suffering. Nice Feist video.

Victor said...

...and you always seem to find novel ways to suffer (or to write about them). Please give us more! We're suckers for your punishment.

Anonymous said...

I think you are watching too much bollywood stuff.

I always read, rarely post. It is just shyness though, not a reflection on you.

Have fun wit Val.

Tasha (in Travis' account)

Travis said...

Look at this parade of well-wishers, you self-pitying boob!
How about a "Today's question for commenters:..." section to elicit more comments? Usually your posts are complete in and of themselves, you don't need us.