Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A propos of nothing

...but every time I read Heather Mallick's online column for CBC, I am left with a mental image of her sitting at her desk with a highball in her right hand and another in her left, from which she takes alternating sips to draw strength for her writing process, which consists of closing her eyes and repeatedly bashing her computer keyboard with her forehead. My alternate theory was that her column is composed by a large team of dispomanic monkeys, but I doubt monkeys could so consistently manage slip in gratuitous U.S. bashing week after week (this column, she managed to "zing" Dick Cheney in a column about office casual fashions. I suspect she exists only to make Rebecca Eckler and her ilk look coherant).

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Anonymous said...

My new found favourite journalist is Dick Siegel. Check out his groundbreaking story at http://www.weeklyworldnews.com/top_story/50 His leads always have a strong pull. - Jon

PS. Still haven't figured out how to post my name.