Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A break, with commericial

Hey folks,
The first wave of what looks to be a month-and-a-half long tsunami of family visits has begun. Right now it's Amynah's Dad and Aunts, who will soon be followed by her Mom and sister, followed by my sister and brother in law, followed by my cousin and his girlfiend. Amynah and I take a trip to Berlin somewhere in there, and visit Spain, Gibraltar and Tangiers while we're at it. I suspect that, as a result, blogging might become somewhat irregular.

For those of you who miss my writing, especially that which had research, structure, facts, narrative flow and editing, my most recent piece for the Beaver Magazine is now available on newstands in Canada. It's called (I believe) "The King of Anticosti" and tells the story of how a 19th century French millionaire tried to turn a Canadian island into his own private utopia/safari park, with consequences that are still being felt today. I believe it is my first article to ever incorporate cannibalism, satanism and chocolate.


Anonymous said...

Oh come on. You must have worked cannibalism, satanism and chocolate into one of your McGill Senate reports at some point.


Shannon said...

Have fun in Gibraltar, but be careful of the monkeys! Some like to climb up you to sit on your shoulder and pick at your head. When we were there three climbed up one woman at a time, pulling her pants down in the process. Of course Adam snapped a photo at the right time!

julie said...

Just so you can't say that no one said this, I wanted to let you know that your adoring Japanese fans miss you and hope you haven't been carried off by these nasty-sounding monkeys :)