Thursday, February 22, 2007

Zack attack.

Our tall, blonde and reasonably attractive friend Zack arrives for a three day visit in about three hours. We're heading to his Grandfather's home town across the border on the weekend. With us will be our other houseguest, a young woman by the name of Flat Laura, a friend of my niece who is absorbing the nuances of French culture, with Amynah and I as her guide. We've taken her all over Strasbourg, where she showed remarkable forebearance listening to my boring stories. Here she is, visiting the European Parliament.

I really hope Laura's class learns something from those photos, because let me tell you, you get a lot of funny looks clambering over the Cathedral with a laminated crayon girl.


julie said...

That's awesome! Flat Laura should come visit Japan ... though I'm afraid Gifu isn't as interesting as Strasbourg ... :)

Shane said...

Any chance that Flat Laura and Zack hook up? I mean, he is reasonably attractive after all.

Travis said...

I thought, at first, you were making insensitive comments about your prepubescent niece.

Mark Reynolds said...

Julie - I thought of that actually, but I believe the assignment has to be in before that.

Shane! Good to hear from you. I see you're blogging as well, however infrequently. Mind if I add you as a link?

Travis and Shane: You guys realize you're talking about my proxy-niece right? I demand you retract these slurs against her laminated honour!