Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Things I like about being an ex-pat:

1) being able to visit Cologne for the weekend, and not think it's that big a deal

2) being able to call my Mom, and here her pass the phone to my Dad saying "He's going to Cologne for the weekend" in a tone of voice that reminds me that it is, in fact, kind of a big deal.

Things I don't like about being an ex-pat:

1) This isn't an "ex-pat" related thing per se, more a condition of my life at the moment, but I have a nasty headache and I won't be seeing Amynah until this weekend when I am (as mentioned above) going to be in Cologne.

2) Moving away from Cologne (my destination for the weekend), I am somewhat upset that our string of seeing major kung fu releases on their opening date, including House of Flying Daggers, Hero and (in a tonal shift) Kung Fu Hustle will be broken definitively with Curse of the Golden Flower. Though I'm sure it will play in one of Strasbourg's many theatres (far more than the population warrants) it will be subtitled in French, a nasty habit the locals had that I had to remind Amynah of when she recently suggested we see Apocalypto.

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